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Mission & Vision

The ProHybrid AAA Mission: Our goal is to develop passionate hockey players with grit who are great teammates on and off the ice.

Our Vision: We believe in creating an intense, challenging and positive environment for dedicated players to develop both hockey skills and character. Through a combination of detailed on ice skills training, competitive in-game coaching and focused off ice sessions our players will make significant improvements in their hockey skills while becoming a great teammate!

Welcome to ProHybrid AAA Hockey

"Over the past 23 years, I've invested over 25,000 hours coaching hockey players all over the world.  Many of these players have advanced to junior, college and even pro hockey.  Equally as important I have helped develop young men and women of high character! I'm excited to take this experience and create ProHybrid AAA Hockey! "

-Zach Sikich

 ProHybrid AAA Hockey

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