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What Options do I have for 2022?

Hello Hockey Families!

ProHybrid develops confident leaders with skill, grit and a passion for the game of hockey! Our goal is to attract families and players that place value in those same traits. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the details of our ProHybrid AAA Hockey 2022 program! Based on the positive feedback from this past season, we have decided to build on our Hybrid Division Model.  Before we cover what we are offering, it is important to understand when the AAA season happens...

When Does the ProHybrid Season Run?

We run our season in two phases with a break in between:

  • Phase 1: March 21st - May 20th
  • Break: May 21st - July 30
  • Phase 2: July 31 - August 28

Specific Team Schedules / Tournaments will be announced around Christmas

We offer supplemental training in forms of clinics, day off of school camps and small groups year around for players looking to receive extra development. 

Now that you are clear on when the season runs, we invite you to learn more about the 3 awesome opportunities that we have for your player to join ProHybrid for the 2022 AAA Hockey Season.

The ProHybrid Division

  • Birth Years 2010-2014

  • Teams: ProHybrid Elite (previously Blue) + ProHybrid AAA (previously White)

  • Made up of the top 25-28 players and 3-4 goalies in our program at that specific age group.

  • Skill level will be a combination of Elite and Upper Level AAA Players

  • All players will practice together for a total of 32 hours within their division + 10 hours of ETS Off Ice Training.

  • Based on each players’ development, they will be selected for one of the following two teams: ProHybrid Elite or ProHybrid AAA

    • Every player is guaranteed 4 tournaments    

    • Players have the opportunity to play on either Elite or AAA based on their progress over the course of the winter / spring season.

    • This Hybrid Division Model ensures that all players compete at their peer level for each tournament.

ProHybrid Team GRIT

  • Birth Years 2010-2013

  • Made up of 12-15 players and 1-2 goalies per age level.

  • Skill will be a great fit for players looking to gain confidence in full ice hockey. These players are looking to improve their skills / understanding to develop into effective AAA Hockey players.

  • Team GRIT players will practice as follows:

    • 2010 Team GRIT and 2011 Team GRIT

    • 2012 Team GRIT and 2013 Team GRIT

  • 2014 Age Group will not have a Team GRIT....see Mite Development Program below.

  • All players will receive 25 hours of practice and a minimum of 3 tournaments

  • Zach Sikich and Brady Fougner will be running Team GRIT practices along with the ProHybrid Staff.

The ProHybrid Mite Development Program

  • Birth Years 2013-2016

  • Mite Development is our onboarding program perfect for mite players looking to get started with ProHybrid!

  • Nearly every ProHybrid player got their start with us in Mite Development

  • Made up of 30-36 players and 4 goalies

  • All players will receive 25 hours of on ice development including practices and half ice games.

  • Zach Sikich will run the on ice practices along with the ProHybrid staff

To Wrap It Up...

Complete details and pricing for each opportunity will be communicated to each family following tryouts and upon invitation to join ProHybrid for the 2022 season. If you are reading this note after our official tryouts happened in September please email us directly at to inquire about your hockey player being evaluated for ProHybrid. Thank you for your time and consideration.