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ProHybrid Winter Supplemental @ TRIA

We're excited to announce our 4th Annual ProHybrid Winter Supplement Training at the TRIA Ice Arena in St Paul.  Our program is designed to give mite players extra high quality on ice training during the winter months. 

This winter we will be offering 12 sessions focused player development. Emphasis on skating, stick handling, shooting, passing, hockey IQ, and battle skills.  Additionally, all goalies will get 10-15 minutes of goalie specific skill work in each session as well as feedback during the shooting drills. 

Groupings and Levels

Each session will have 3 levels of players. All players will compete with their peers during our sessions:

  • Elite Mites / 1st Year Squirts: Mite 4 Association Level w/ Multiple Years of Full Ice AAA Hockey Experience. 2012 or 2011 born 1st year squirts with AAA Hockey Experience. 
  • Advanced Mites: Mite 3  Association Level w/ some Full Ice or AAA Hockey Experience 
  • Progressive Mites: Elite Mini Mite or Upper Mite 2 / 3. Able to Skate forwards, backwards and stickhandle with above average competency for their age

If you have questions regarding whether or not your player qualifies please email us prior to registration. 


  • On Ice Structure
    • 10-20 mins: Skating
    • 10-20 mins: Cross Ice Skills
    • 10-20 mins: Competition Drills
    • 10-20 mins: Small Area Games
  • Players will be divided into peer groups to compete in drills in a challenging and positive environment 
  • Goalies will receive 10-15 mins of goalie specific work plus feedback from a ProHybrid Coach at each session


All sessions include 1 hour on ice

  • All 12 Sessions @ $425...not available due to sold out sessions. 
  • 6 sessions @ $240 
  • If you'd like to sign up for more than 6 sessions please register for the package of 6 then email us for directions on how to add sessions. 

If you are a coach in our program and your player is planning on attending these sessions please email us for a code to use at registration.

Once you register you will receive a link to add your player's name to the sessions that you'd like to attend. If you sign up for all 12 sessions we will automatically add your player to the spreadsheet. 

If you are interested in dropping into single sessions please email us to request your session and receive payment instructions. 


How to Select Your Sessions?

  1. Click the registration link below to sign up for 6 or 12 sessions.
  2. Upon completion of registration the link to access to our google drive calendar will appear on your receipt page. 
  3. Click the link to gain access then add your player to the sessions that fit your schedule. 
  4. Feel free to edit your selections up to 24 hours before each session. 
  5. If you would like to do additional sessions to your package simply add your player's name then Email for payment directions. 

ProHybrid Winter Supplemental Schedule @ TRIA

Date Day On Ice Spots Open out of 36
OCT 27 Wednesday 515-615 pm Sold Out...join waitlist
OCT 28 Thursday 600-700 pm Sold Out...join waitlist
NOV 16 Tuesday 515-615 pm Sold Out...join waitlist
NOV 17 Wednesday 515-615 pm 1
DEC 6 Monday 630-730 pm Sold Out...join waitlist
DEC 13 Monday 545-645 pm Sold Out...join waitlist
DEC 27 Monday 545-645 pm 8
JAN 5 Wednesday 515-615 pm Sold Out...join waitlist
JAN 12 Wednesday 515-615 pm Sold Out...join waitlist
FEB 8 Tuesday 545-645 pm Sold Out...join waitlist
FEB 15 Tuesday 545-645 pm 1
FEB 22 Tuesday 545-645 pm Sold Out...join waitlist